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SPAC Track Tools

Active SPAC Screener

List of all Active and Pre-IPO SPACs along with key details such as status, target industry, merger partner, as well as market data (including prices for common, warrants, and units — delayed 20 minutes).



Completed SPACs Screener

List of all Completed SPACs going back to 2019 (with a handful of notable SPACs going back 10+ years), including key information such as the relevant details from when it was a SPAC, return since SPAC IPO, and market data (delayed 20 minutes).

Pro SPACs Screener
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Target Universe

All the companies in the SPAC universe. Includes companies that have completed a merger (going back to 2019), are set to merge with, or are reportedly considering to merge with a SPAC.

SPAC Events Calendar

An up-to-date calendar with all of the announced shareholder meetings (extension and merger) and unit split dates.

Market Stats

Aggregates the SPAC Track data in real time and shows a breakdown of the SPAC asset class by status, trust size, and target.

Sponsor Tracker

Tracking the records of repeat SPAC sponsor groups.


In Talks or "Rumor" Report Tracker

A list of all the SPAC merger “in talks” or “rumor” reports from reputable publications

Pro SPAC Screener (Coming Soon!)

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