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Below is a list of former, closed or completed SPACs. This list only contains recent completed SPACs (from 2020 onwards).


DESKTOP (Best Viewing Experience): Click into the table and click to the right to see more.


MOBILE: Rotate your device for better viewing experience.


The table is very large, so in order to take full advantage of the “sort” function, you must either filter the table with some term (pre-set buttons or enter your own), or you will need to scroll down and click “Load More” until all of the results are shown. If you tried to sort the non-filtered table without loading all of the results, to find the largest Trust Sizes for example, the largest (PSTH as of now) may not show up on the top as all the results are not populated yet in the table. Will be pushing out an update with the complete list sort functionality in the VERY near future.


In order to view all of the columns hidden to the right (when on desktop), click into the table and press the right directional arrow, or drag your cursor to the right, or scroll to the bottom of the table to use the horizontal scroll bar.


Please note the market data is delayed 15 minutes.




Color rows: Green rows highlight a SPAC with a +5% or more common share price move from the previous day, where the red rows show a -5% price movement from the previous day


Multi-filters and search:

Use the preset filters, enter your own search term, or sort the table. You can also filter and then sort the filtered table. To select multiple filters, just click each filter button you want to use. To remove a filter, simply click the filter button again!


Enter in your search term in the search field (ex. SPAC name, Target Industry like “Consumer”, Underwriter name like “Goldman”, or even Notable People like “Ackman” or “Branson”). Alternatively, just click one of the preset terms to filter the table. Note that the filter finds any mention of the exact letter combination of that matches the selected filter.


Completed SPAC Screener Filters:

Trading/Not Trading: if the post-merge company is still publicly listed or not (could be acquired or de-listed due to bankruptcy, etc)

Completed SPAC Screener Data Points:

1.) Completion Date — This is the date that the SPAC and merger partner announce as the completion of the business combination. This is usually not the date that the newly merged company starts trading under the DeSPAC ticker.

2.) Post Completion Events — This section will note if the DeSPAC’ed company has been acquired, delisted, bankrupted, or other material events.

3.) Total Return — This is the return from the $10 (or other rare differing prices like $20) SPAC IPO price to the current stock price of the DeSPAC’ed company.

4.) Annualized Return — Only calculated if the SPAC has been completed for at least 1 year.



Any field that is “Estimated” is exactly that: estimated.

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